Why Marjorie Milner College?

Marjorie Milner College aims to provide quality teaching to all students that work part-time or full-time (apprenticeships) in the creative fields in Melbourne, Victoria & Tasmania. We have an increasing number of students that are study under school-based apprenticeships as well.



Study the Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416) at Marjorie Milner College and receive training from one of the most established hairdressing schools in Melbourne. This course is offered under apprenticeship or alternatively non apprenticeship depending on what suits your needs most.


Study to qualify in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing industries, Barbering. MM College offers the SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering with varying study options available. Study via apprenticeship or non apprenticeship. We are excited by this field and provide the best quality training that offers you the best opportunity for a successful career as a barber.


Marjorie Milner College has been delivering floristry courses longer than any other registered training organisation in Melbourne. Study the Certificate III in Floristry (SFL30115) and you will not only be trained by the most experienced trainers in Melbourne but by the best in the industry. Having such a long and proud history MMC offers a range of courses to suit your needs.

Awesome TAFE, studying my cert III in barbering. Came as an absolute beginner and have been pushed to improve since day 1. Lots of support given and the students are all great people.If anyone is after a tafe to learn barbering, hairdressing or even floristry, look no further.
Jack Owens
01:13 24 May 22
I always get a great haircut here. The staff and students are super friendly and I always get pampered . Strongly recommend this venue for your next haircut , colour and blow wave !
Peter Lowrey
02:29 19 May 22
Great facilities and very supportive staff! Awesome spot to get started in the barber/hair industry.
Felix Xie
08:32 17 May 22
Great facilities and very supportive staff! Awesome spot to get started in the barber/hair industry.
Felix Xie
03:30 25 Nov 21
James and the team run a very well organised and personable organisation here and I love visiting for student cuts!
01:14 03 Aug 21
I absolutely love being here they give me so much help if it wasn’t for them I would not be able to do my barbering apprenticeship that is why I am giving them five stars and I would recommend their courses to anyone wanting to do barbering or hairdressing or even Flora Street in the future
love zone
03:53 20 May 21
Really experienced college and has amazingly educated teachers that give endless support
Ella Collard
03:52 20 May 21
amazing school,amazing staff would highly recommend !
grace addamo
23:34 17 May 21
As someone who has just completed their Certificate III in hairdressing, I have learned that no matter what the trade is, the work is always going to be challenging at times, its not always going to go to plan and work out the way we want to, but with the right support system and passion for the job, anything is possible. I cannot thank the guys at Marjorie Milner enough for all the time and support they have provided me over the years I've been here. I cannot wait to start the rest of my life as a hairdresser, thank you for your training, your knowledge and kindness.
Ella Granville
02:45 17 May 21
Awesome Staff! Great school! What is there more to say?
Saverio Di Paolo
03:22 15 Apr 21
Great place with amazing staff and students
Alyhurt Smith-Foley
22:28 29 Mar 21
Extremely welcoming and supportive environment at Marjorie Milner. Very excited to start my barbering certificate here soon.
Sarah O'Toole
03:34 22 Mar 21
Just started at Marjorie this week and I already love it. James is great and super helpful aswell as all the lovely teachers there. Couldn’t think of a better school!!! Thankyou to all at Marjorie Milner
Natarsha Pingiaro
04:21 10 Mar 21
A fake account has been made using my name leaving bad reviews on random pages, don’t know what comes over some people to prey on small businesses like this!Sorry there’s such terrible people in the world xx
chloe donnelly
21:23 09 Mar 21
great place, I'm studying barbering and would recommend 🙂
Jake Dellar
22:46 02 Dec 20
Expert teaching staff, extremely talented students, and always a fantastic experience, thank you Marjorie Milner College!
Alex S
05:23 24 Nov 20
All the teachers and students were very professional. Great hair cut!! Thanks 😄
Katey Bear
04:05 19 Nov 20
Awesome place, lovely staff - really makes you feel at home and a part of a family
Flimsey Lohan
00:55 05 Oct 20
Its a fantastic place, lots of cool things to learn, the teachers are really supportive and lots of nice people to chat with.
Nicholas Kutchel
01:44 25 Sep 20
Very disappointing experience at MM. do,your research before you decide to go here- I wish I had.
Karen L
00:42 18 Sep 20
Great teachers and great environment to learn in (espcially being an adult student) highly recommend to anyone wanting to find their feet in the barber/hairdressing/florist industry!
Christopher J. Mercuri
00:32 21 May 20
Hands down BEST HAIRDRESSING TAFE EVER! I had previously been to Biba academy... and didn't have the best experience there as far as attention and teacher/student interaction, but when I phoned up Marjorie and spoke with both James and renate...instantly... I felt at ease and knew that this was the new tafe for me! Super friendly, warming and welcoming... amazing staff, and facility/resources. They go abovee and beyond for us all! Espicially adapting to the current pandemic situation. They made sure online resources as well as themselves were available around the clock for all us students so that WE could still keep learning and moving forward! I absolutely love this tafe! .... beware though... there tiktok skills are on another planet! 😏
Kellie Jeffs
12:18 19 May 20
Such a great school to complete my Cert III in Hairdressing, awesome teachers and really supportive stuff with great facilities! My time here as an apprentice was fantastic and wouldn't want to have done my schooling anywhere else!
Shahn Dielemans
05:30 14 May 20
Thank you to all at MMC for your ongoing support and care over the years. I have completed Cert lll and Cert Vl in floristry with you and loved it. I'm looking forward to spending another year at MMC while working through the Diploma of Floristry Design.
11:17 11 May 20
I have had my haircut at MMC by the students of the college for a while now. Each time I am always welcomed by the friendly staff and teachers and treated as if I am walking into any hair salon.Although you’re getting a cut from a student, there are always teachers present and assisting as needed. Each time I walk away feeling fresh and happy with the results. Highly recommend supporting students through their education and giving them the experience they need for future jobs.
Bethany Durbridge
22:42 22 Nov 19
One of the best trade schools I’ve been to, the feature of being able to work at your own pace throughout my barbering course suited my situation perfectly. The teachers do a great job at monitoring progression and accomodating for every level of skill and knowledge. Super friendly staff which made working one on one a breeze, I would recommend MMC for working apprentices or anyone wanting to take their hobby to the next level.
Dave Dave
00:22 19 Nov 19
I travel to Marjorie Milner College in Surry Hills from Langwarrin to get my haircut. I have alway been extremely happy with the cut, but more than that is how very good the experience is. The students are very helpful and friendly very well mannered and talented. The educators are very patient and ensure both satisfaction and comfort of the clients. I can highly recommend Marjorie Milner for all of your hairdressing requirements.
Teresa Murray
04:23 18 Nov 19
Easy to say that my entire life has been changed through the caring and hands-on experience that the staff at MMC have shown me over the years. This isn't something you get anywhere, this is a real passion that vibes through this College. It isn't just the care that's shown when you're there, it's the initiative and kindness that is shown to us students out of college that speaks volumes. 5 stars, no contest. Appreciate all of you; Thankyou.
23:14 08 Nov 19
Changed my life in more ways than one, finished my barbering Cert today. Could not have done it without the amazing staff at MMC. If your not at MMC you are at the wrong school. Thanks guys 🙂
sam elkhouri
01:02 31 Oct 19
Great Place, just did my first haircut in the barbering class. Would recommend. Really nice family vibe, awesome place.
Mitchell Dunstan
04:09 24 Oct 19