Floristry Formal Training

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The advantages of floristry formal training   In August, the Australian Association of Floral Designers (AAFD) held a demonstration and competition. The evening was well attended with seventy members present. The demonstrators were Nicole Gibson, Thuy Nguyen, Jenny Finlay and myself. Nicole demonstrated a hanging installation and a posy beidermeier. Thuy demonstrated a modern parasol with the main application using cold glue and Jenny demonstrated steam punk style bouquet. I made three bridal bouquets using wiring and gluing techniques and a display piece. Wired trailing bouquets have made a huge resurgence in Europe and techniques were explained including the construction…&nbsp

National Australian Worldskills Gold

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WorldSkills Gold and Silver

National Australian Worldskills Gold   Report on Worldskills Congratulations Tasmania with Floristry Apprentice Phoebe Winning Gold!  The state finals of Worldskills competition was held in Sydney last month, June 2018. For those who may be unaware, this competition is for all trades that are primarily apprenticeship trades. Therefore, electricians, plumbers, hairdressers, beauticians, chefs, jewellery makers, carpenters and all trades participate to find the best of the best. State regional competitions are held across all states and the winners compete at the national finals. The opportunity for selected winners is to compete internationally representing Australia. The international venue is Russia. For…&nbsp

Enrolment Handbook

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Pre – Enrolment Handbook Updates April 2018   Welcome   Welcome and thank-you for choosing Marjorie Milner College. The information contained in this handbook is intended to provide an overview of the training and services provided to students when they undertake studies at the College. Marjorie Milner College is a Registered Training Organisation that specialises in Beauty Therapy, Floristry, Hairdressing and Barbering training. The College endeavours to provide the highest level of professionalism and training within these industries and is continually seeking input from industry as to current trends and techniques. The College is committed to a quality assurance approach…&nbsp

World’s Greatest Shave

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Barbering & Leukaemia Foundation

World’s Greatest Shave Barbering Style      Riordan, a second year barbering student from Marjorie Milner College, undertook the “World’s Greatest Shave” at Auburn South Primary School on Thursday 8th March 2018. The event was a great success helping to raise over $10,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. It was also supported by DJ’s and was a fun community event.  Riordan, from the small town of Axedale just south of Bendigo, works with Sam at the Grooming Lounge. His passion is men’s grooming and he commenced the barbering course with the first cohort back in October 2016. Marjorie Milner College was…&nbsp

Marriage Equality Florist : Opportunity Knocks

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Marriage Equality Florist: Opportunity Knocks   With the recent change in the law, florists have a golden opportunity to gain extra business through promotion of flowers for Same Sex weddings (Marriage Equality LGBTI). This window of opportunity is a gain for florists to promote well priced wedding flowers and introduce new styles. Use your multi-media avenues to promote goods and services. Cashed up couples A concept to be considered is varying ages of couples and many are well cashed up. It is wise to consider specific designs to suit couples. In my last article for the AFI magazine I mentioned…&nbsp

Corneotherapy, Beauty, Enrol Now

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Corneotherapy, Beauty, Enrol Now 2018   Beverly Greenwood (Bev) teaches the Diploma of Beauty Therapy here at Marjorie Milner College and has done so for the past 10 years. As a proactive and conscientious teacher who is committed to her students, she spends a portion of her holiday period ensuring that Marjorie Milner College is prepared for the upcoming year of delivering superior and evolutionary training. One of the most important aspects of providing such quality training is to ensure that the college’s resources are detailed and in touch with industry needs and trends. As such Bev has taken the…&nbsp

AAFD Online Floristry Competition

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1st Place

AAFD Online Floristry Competition     Congratulations to all of the competitors in the AAFD Online Competition. The standard of the designs was fantastic. It was exciting to see all of the interesting and different wedding bouquets and hairpieces designed to the Steampunk theme. The AAFD Online Floristry Competition Winners are: 1st Place- Jenny Finley 2nd Place-Nguyen Thuy Le 3rd Place-Hannah Osborne 4th Place- Lani Chapman   Jenny has created an intricate frame for her bouquet. She spent hours and hours creating this beautiful design out of aluminium , copper and bullion wire to replicate the style of dress two….&nbsp

Talking Lifestyle Greg Milner Interview

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Talking Lifestyle Greg Milner Interview: Greg Milner was the Gardener of the Week on the Weekender on Talking Lifestyle Radio. Gregory Milner is a renowned 3rd generation florist who is the head of the Marjorie Milner College in Melbourne. Gregory chats to Judy Horton and Clinton Maynard about his new book “Flowers – Selecting, Arranging, Caring”. Click on the link below to see the article on Talking Lifestyle website. Have a listen to Judy chat with Greg about how to look after your flowers. Gardener of the Week: Gregory Milner    

The Dirty Beard (Barbering)

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The Dirty Beard (Barbering)           There are blogs going around the Internet again in regard to the hygiene of beards. According to a new study, beards contain just as much fecal matter as a toilet. KOAT 7 reports that after swabbing a number of beards, a New Mexico microbiologist made the shocking discovery. However, the study has little scientific merit. In a quote from IFLScience!: “As Nick Evershed from the Guardian points out, the story wasn’t based on a scientific study. The investigation instead consisted of a reporter taking swabs of a small number of men’s beards and then sending those samples…&nbsp

Floristry Apprentice Winner

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Floristry Apprentice Winner Kathleen Horton National Australian Winner of the Oasis Designz Cup Competition.    The 2016 Oasis Design Cup Competition was themed a tribute to a painter. The Floristry Apprentice winner was Kathleen, who now works at Style by Nature in Port Melbourne. Kathleen was the winner of the Victorian Oasis Design Cup and was confirmed winner of the National Oasis Design Cup Winner for 2016. Kathleen won $1500.00 for her amazing design and winning both the Victorian and National Award. Kathleen was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s 1923 “circles in a circle”. She emulated his work by cutting circles…&nbsp