Enrolment Process

Interview Process

Marjorie Milner College wishes to ensure that all students study the appropriate course for them. We aim to give you as much information about the course and the industry you would like to enter before you start. At this initial interview, you will be asked to complete a pre-training review and you will receive a statement of fees, outlining the costs associated with your chosen course and Marjorie Milner College will assess your eligibility for government funding.

Students will be supplied with the pre-enrolment handbook prior to starting any course with Marjorie Milner College. The handbook provides an overview of what you can expect from the College and what we can expect of you as a student. It is available on our website and also in hard-copy at the College.

You are encouraged to bring your Medicare card and Drivers Licence to your interview as this will help MM College staff evaluate your eligibility for government funding. If you have completed any study previously, we would also ask that you to bring some evidence of this to your interview, as you may be eligible for Credit Transfers. There are no fees for relevant Credit Transfers.

Enrol for The First Time

Once you have decided on the right course for you and would like to start studying at Marjorie Milner College, the enrolment process will begin. This process requires you to bring along all relevant eligibility information to the College on your enrolment day. Any information required by the College will be described at your first interview so you know what you need to bring along. You will be required to read the pre-enrolment handbook at an induction session and fill out an enrolment form. After enrolment, you will then receive an invoice outlining your fees based on the eligibility information given at the time of enrolment.

Re-Enrolling at The College

If you have attended Marjorie Milner College before then it easy to re-enrol into a new course. Contact the College and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your enrolment opportunities as well as reassess your eligibility for government funding.

Term Dates

Marjorie Milner College follows the Victorian School Term Dates throughout the year. This means that whilst studying at MM College you will have the scheduled school holiday breaks over the year.

The dates for 2021 and 2022 are below:

  • Term 1:  Wednesday 27 January 2021 – Thursday 1 April 2021
  • Term 2:  Monday 19 April 2021 – Friday 2 July 2021 (updated June 2021 due to COVID-19 Lockdowns)
  • Term 3:  Monday 12 July 2021 –  Friday 17 September 2021
  • Term 4:  Monday 4 October 2021 – Thursday 16 December 2021
  • Term 1:  Monday 31 January 2022 – Thursday 7 April 2022
  • Term 2:  Tuesday 26 April 2022 – Thursday 23 June 2022
  • Term 3:  Monday 11 July 2022 –  Thursday 15 September 2022
  • Term 4:  Monday 3 October 2022 – Thursday 22 December 2021

Floristry Block Release Dates

Monday 22 February to Friday 26 February 2021

Monday 1 March to Friday 5 March 2021

Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April 2021

Monday 17 May to Friday 21 May 2021

Monday 21 June to Friday 25 June 2021 *Subject to change due to COVID-19

Monday 12 July to Friday 16 July 2021

Monday 19 July to Friday 23 July 2021. 

Monday 11 October to Friday 15 October 2021

Monday 8 November to Friday 12 November 2021

Dates in Tasmania 2021

Visiting January 2021

Note: There are two weekly blocks in February, March and July, apprentice may only attend one week if they wish or both. This is to take into account any missed classes in 2020.

Government Funding

Am I Eligible for Government Funding?

Check through the following eligibility indicators to work out whether you are eligible for Government Funding.


If you are not eligible for Government Funding, you may be able to complete training through an apprenticeship pathway. Marjorie Milner College offers apprenticeship pathways for the Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416) and the Certificate III in Floristry (SFL30115).

School-Based Apprenticeship

Still at school but want to study hairdressing or floristry? You can study as a school-based apprentice whilst still at school! Please contact the College for more information about studying these courses whilst still at school.


Hairdressing Department

How to enrol in a hair school: To enrol in a Hairdressing course, you will be required to attend an interview with Natalie Miller or James Milner.

Barbering Department

How to enrol in a Barbering school: To enrol in a Barbering course, you will be required to attend an interview with Sandy or James Milner.

Floristry Department

To enrol in a Floristry course, you will be required to attend an interview with Gregory Milner.

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