Hairdressing is an exciting and growing industry in Melbourne. We hope this website sparks your interest to study hairdressing in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. We would like to share our passion for creativity and design with you. There is an increasing focus on style and appearance within today’s society, bringing the demand for hairdressing services to an all-time high. Start your hairdressing career today by calling the College and making an appointment with our qualified trainers.

Why Study Hairdressing With Us?

The Milner Family has been involved in hairdressing within Melbourne since 1931, giving us a unique history with the industry. Today, MMC prides itself on the one-on-one our trainers provide to each student. Teaching staff at the College are passionate and are highly experienced within the hairdressing industry. If that’s not enough, the College is conveniently located next to Chatham Railway Station, making it easy to access from all over Melbourne.

Our Hairdressing Products:

At Marjorie Milner College, we believe in sustainable practices and caring for the environment. This has meant we’ve looked very closely at the products available in today’s hairdressing market and aligned ourselves with today’s market leader in sustainable hair products, Juuce . Their new colour range Pure is an exciting variety that will suit anyone’s unique personality and style. For a better look at the Juuce’s product range and philosophy visit their website here.

Study Options

College Based Student

The Certificate III in Hairdressing has the option of being studied as a College Based Student. This means you can attend the College two days per week, leaving you the flexibility for a part-time job. Marjorie Milner College strongly encourages those attending as a College Based Student to gain salon experience on the days not attending the College. Those studying as a college based student two days per week can expect to finish the course in approximately 18 months.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

Marjorie Milner College offers small class sizes and quality training for every hairdressing apprentice. Undertaking a hairdressing apprenticeship is ideal for those seeking to obtain their SIH30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing qualification whilst working in the hairdressing industry.

A hairdressing apprenticeship pathway allows individuals to work full time at a salon whist attending training at the College one day per week. In addition to receiving wages for their work in the salon, their training tuition is also supported by government funding. This program is only available to Australian residents. An apprenticeship is a long term 3 year commitment. All Hairdressing training at Marjorie Milner College is delivered through competency based flexible training. This may enable students to complete their “off-the-job” training at a faster pace.Learning is student managed, overseen by qualified trainers. At MM College we work hard to ensure all hairdressing apprentices feel confident putting all their hairdressing skills to work on the salon floor day to day.Another point of difference in apprenticeship training at MM College is open communication with the apprentice’s employer. Employers receive student reports twice per year with feedback from the teacher outlining progress on their apprentice’s training, explaining what they are currently doing in the classroom and how they can reinforce their salon environment. Employers are encouraged to call the College at any point during their apprentices training if they have any questions or concerns.To get more information about our hairdressing apprenticeship course in Melbourne contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to tell you everything you need to know. We can help you gather information about funding, employment and, ultimately, decide if the apprenticeship pathway is the right choice for you.An apprenticeship is for you if…

  • You prefer learning hairdressing skills on the job
  • You are interested in growing a strong relationship with a hairdressing salon
  • You are able to commit to a long term training agreement in exchange for learning the skills and knowledge required for the hairdressing industry.

Part-time hairdressing apprenticeship in Victoria:

Part-time hairdressing apprenticeships are similar to traditional full time hairdressing apprenticeships, but are spread out over a greater period of time. You can read more on the Department of Education’s website about hairdressing apprenticeships in Victoria.

  • School Based Hairdressing Apprenticeship in Victoria:
  • Start earning income while at school working in a Salon
  • Study with other hairdressing apprentices.
  • Get hands-on experience that will give your hairdressing career a head start
  • On completion of your year 12, have credits towards the Certificate III in Hairdressing apprenticeship
  • Complete units from the Certificate III in Hairdressing national training package

Hairdressing School Based Apprenticeship:

If you want to get involved with the hairdressing industry when you are still at High School, a School-Based Apprenticeship is the way.

Phone or email the College for further details about becoming a School-Based Apprentice.

Location & Journey Planner by Victorian Public Transport:

Certificate III in Hairdressing is delivered at the Surrey Hills Campus situated on the Belgrave/Lilydale Line. We encourage students to take public transport to and from the College as we are next to Chatham Railway Station. To work out your journey from your closest public transport please click on this link to “Journey Planner” Public Transport Victoria web page. Under the Step 1 area please put Chatham Railway Station as your destination.



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