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Meet our teaching staff

Hairdressing, Barbering & Floristry Teaching Staff

Marjorie Milner College has a diverse range of teaching staff with a wide range of industry experience.
Below you will find further information about the teaching staff that will take your class:

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Floristry Trainers

Gregory Milner: Principal and Floristry Teacher

Gregory is a Right Way Industry accredited trainer and assessor: Floristry and Retail Management

  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • SFL50110 Diploma of Floristry Design
  • Master of Education Melbourne University

Gregory Milner was educated at Trinity Grammar School, Kew. Following into a family of two generations associated with retail and floristry he first competed in an Interflora competition at age fourteen. He also demonstrated that year at a country educational school for Interflora at Hamilton Victoria. In 1969 he accompanied his mother on a world trip and on the return commenced work in their store at 112 Bourke Street Melbourne. He also commenced as a student teacher assisting with evening classes at the school. A store in Little Bourke Street store was opened in 1975. Gregory was demonstrating extensively around Victoria and Australia. He sat for his Interflora judges qualification at Canberra in 1977 and in 1978 commenced formal teacher training. During his second year of teacher training he was involved with the running four of the family’s retail stores. Gregory has continued through the years with his studies obtaining the qualifications of a Trained Trade Instructors’ Certificate, Diploma of Technical Teaching, Degree in Education Technical and he has completed his Masters of Education at the University of Melbourne. Gregory holds a Floristry Tradesman’s Certificate (1984), a Certificate IV in Floristry and he is an accredited R.P.L. (Recognition of Prior Learning) assessor as well as a workplace assessor. He served for twelve years on the Interflora committee and he is a past chairman of Interflora Victoria/Tasmania.

Gregory Milner is a businessman who has been successful in many forms of business including floristry, clothing, bridal industry, education, property management and development.

He also enjoys associations with other industry associations such as Teleflora, Smithers Oasis and Australian Florist Sundries. He has demonstrated for each of these companies. He has taught for T.A.F.E. Tasmania and for R.M.I.T. in business studies. Gregory wrote his first book in 1984 titled ” The Art of Flower Arrangement” and later books included ” Wedding Flowers’, ” The Complete Book of Flower Arrangement” and “Fresh Cut Flowers”. The Complete book is a suggested reference on the national curriculum. Gregory Milner has designed and made twenty-four training DVD’s and these are sold around the world. Gregory has conducted numerous seminars and demonstrated across Australia and other countries. He was inducted into the Floristry Hall of Fame in 1999. He has taught and demonstrated regularly in Japan and in 2001 he was invited to judge in Nagoya, Japan in the presence of their Imperial Highnesses the Imperial Prince and Princess of Japan. He then flew to America to demonstrate at the Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco. Gregory demonstrated and lectured in England in 2005. He retired from retail in 2000 and he is working harder than ever ensuring the College is the industry leader in training. Gregory sat for the American Institute of Floral Designers Examination in Kansas City (USA) in 2009 to obtain the Certified Floral Designers Certificate (CFD). In 2010 Gregory upgraded his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to a Diploma of Training and Assessment.

Gregory is currently the president of the Australian Association of Floral Designers. He also writes articles for the Australian Flower Industry Magazine (AFI). Email:

Lyndell Parker: Industry Expert and Assists with Non-Accredited Training

Lyndell Parker is a very successful businesswoman. She has run multiple retail businesses over the last thirty years and Lyndell brings an enormous amount of expertise in retail and floristry to our students. Lyndell has operated florist shops in the Melbourne CBD as well as Footscray and Moorabbin. She has operated ladies fashion outlets ranging from clothing to a full range of female accessories. She also operated a dried and framed bridal business for over twenty years. In partnership with Gregory Milner, Lyndell operated one of the largest bridal bouquet businesses in Australia. Lyndell has one of the most impressive competition portfolios of any florist in the country. Lyndell is a former Interflora World Cup competitor. Lyndell retired from competition work in 1986 and she has given numerous demonstrations across Australia and overseas. Lyndell is a fourth generation florist (her mother, Patricia Kelly, is a former Chairperson of Interflora (Vic/Tas.) and the expertise Lyndell brings to our students regarding floristry and retailing is held in the highest esteem.

Lyndell’s competition results include:

  • 1969 1st place Victorian Junior Bridal Competition – Interflora
  • 1969 1st place Australian Junior Championship – Interflora
  • 1974 1st place Victorian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1977 1st place Victorian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1977 2nd place Australian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1980 1st place Victorian Florist of the Year – Interflora
  • 1981 1st place Victorian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1981 1st place Australian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1982 2nd place Bridal Category – Interflora World Cup – Hamburg Germany
  • 1983 Grand Champion – Bridal Bouquet – Royal Melbourne Show
  • 1983 Grand Champion – Massed Arrangement – Royal Melbourne Show
  • 1984 Assisted Greg Block to gain 1st place Victorian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1984 Assisted Greg Block to gain 1st place Australian Designer of the Year – Interflora
  • 1985 Assisted Greg Block to gain 6th place – Interflora World Cup, Detroit U.S.A.
  • 1986 1st place Victorian Florist of the Year – Interflora
  • 1986 2nd place Australian Florist of the Year- Interflora

Hairdressing Trainers

Natalie Miller : Head of the Hairdressing Department

  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • TAA50104 Diploma of training and assessment
  • 21697VIC Diploma of VET Practicum
  • SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing
  • SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering

With nearly 30 years industry experience, Natalie is a dedicated and successful hairdresser and teacher who passionately strives for excellence. Including 10 years in education, with multiple teacher of the year nominations, her passion has led her to the successful environment at Marjorie Milner where she continues to share her knowledge with her students. “It gives me great pleasure in knowing that my efforts can make a difference in enriching people’s lives. It is not just my purpose to teach others and take satisfaction in watching them achieve, it is in fact my passion.”

Natalie continues to stay current in industry, always looking to improve, to ensure her students start their careers with the same vision as her.

Renate Andersons: Hairdressing Trainer and Employer/Apprenticeship Liaison Officer 

  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing
  • SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering

Renate has been a passionate and enthusiastic hairdresser for over 30 years. Once an established hairdresser she chose to expand her experiences and open her first hairdressing/barbering salon in Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood. Running this successful business for nearly 15 years she looked to again share her knowledge and passion with others. Renate has employed many apprentices and utilising her training knowledge she has now transitioned into training with Marjorie Milner College. Having experiences both as a hairdresser as well as an employer of many apprentices throughout her time as a salon owner, she brings a unique and varied perspective to her training.

Having understandings from a variety of settings has allowed her to positively share her experiences and knowledge not only with the students and apprentices of the college but also relate, support and guide employers through their experiences of employing passionate young hairdressers and barbers. “I love what I do and see the immense mutual benefits to supporting both students and employers through their educational journeys. I use what I have learnt throughout my history to better enrich the student and employer experience.”  Renate is very passionate about barbering and hairdressing school based apprenticeships.

Barbering Trainers

Soula Kozaric: Barbering Trainer 

  • TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering

Soula’s passion lies in educating the new wave and generation of barbers. She has a wealth of experience that extends over her 30 plus years of involvement in barbering. Her knowledge has translated exceptionally to the teaching floor here at Marjorie Milner College where she exudes enthusiasm to the young barbering students and apprentices. Soula has work in countless barber shops around Melbourne and takes the most valuable of these experiences and integrates them into her training. As a committed barber, now barbering trainer she looks forward to extending her knowledge base and passion to the students of the college.

Administration Staff

James Milner: Student Services Manager and Marketing and Compliance Manager

  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • SFL20110 Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant)
  • Bachelor of Education (Monash)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Monash)

James is the fourth generation in floristry retailing in the Milner family. He holds a Bachelor of Education as well as a Bachelor of Arts. He also holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. James has been involved in multiple retail outlets and received long service leave at the Woolworth Supermarket chain. He has trained staff at Safeway and retail training is his passion. James has worked extensively in the Events area running Event Creations. During this time he completed a Certificate II in Floristry.

James is also the creator of one of the world’s largest floristry forum web sites. James is also experienced in archaeology with many expeditions to Egypt. His confidence and enthusiasm is of great benefit to our students. He has recently upgraded his first aid certificate.

James is also the compliance and marketing manager for the College and is always will to assist employers with paperwork for an apprenticeship signup. James is also a board member of the Australian Association of Floral Designers.


Vicky Milner: Director & Student Services Officer

Vicky handles accounts and government reporting requirements. A book-keeper by profession, Vicky is a director of the College and she has had involvement with the Retail and Florist industry for over thirty years. She has travelled the world promoting our College. Many of the floristry industry functions are organised by Vicky and she is also a board member of the AAFD (Australian Association of Floral Designers).

If you would like to purchase the Flower Design DVD’s from the office Vicky can organise this for you.

Lynn Stewart: Administration Support Officer

Lynn has worked in a variety of settings that include local council positions as well as administrative roles. Her expertise in administration allow her to successfully support the colleges ‘back of house’ tasks. Lynn also contributes to the ongoing government statistical and compliance requirements and a broad range of daily duties within the college.

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