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Apprenticeship Incentives

Changes to The Back To Work Scheme (1st November 2015)

14th December 2015 Wine and Cheese Night 6pm – 7pm at the College
All Welcome

For employers & salon managers to find out more about these great changes, including $2500 for commencement of a full time apprentice. 

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The Victorian Government has boosted the Back to Work Scheme to assist Victorian job seekers and employers looking to hire new staff. This is fantastic news for those that want to employ a hairdressing apprentice, floristry apprentice or beauty therapy trainee.This is a great news for all employers in hairdressing, beauty and floristry.

From 1 November 2015, employers will receive a significant increase in government funding of up to $12000 when they hire long term unemployed workers (now 26 weeks unemployed, reduced from 52 weeks), and up to $5000 for retrenched workers, out-of-trade apprentices, and young people aged between 15 and 25 who have been unemployed for three months or more.

The eligibility criteria for the scheme has been expanded to include new apprentices and trainees as well as unemployed people who are disability and sole parent pensioners, members of drought affected farm households, people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, refugees, social housing residents and young people in or exiting out-of-home care or who are a current or recent youth justice client.

Employers are able to elect to have this funding redirected, for example, to services supporting disadvantaged job seekers with placement and employability skills support. Up to $4000 for training will also be provided to employers who provide accredited training to a new employee. This will be on top of any other payment received.

More details of the scheme can be found on the notice in the Victoria Government Gazette

Back to Work Funding Model (Hairdressing, Beauty & Floristry Full Time Apprentices)
Timeline Back to Work Employer Funding Back to Work Accredited Training Funding Federal funding.
At Commencement $2500
1 Month after enrolment at MMCollege Up to $4000
(to Reimburse MMCollege Training costs)
6 Month Point $1500
9 Month Point $2500
On Completion $2500


What are the key changes to the Back to Work Scheme?

The Back to Work Scheme is being expanded to provide better support to employers who employ disadvantaged job seekers. The changes include:

  • increased payment amounts,
  • additional payments for accredited training,
  • additional groups of employees who will attract the payments, and
  • shorter waiting periods for some groups.

What are the changes to the payment amounts?

Payments to employers hiring full-time workers will be increased as follows:

  • For young unemployed and retrenched workers, employers can claim $5,000 (up from $1,000).
  • For long-term unemployed workers, employers can claim $12,000 (up from $2,000).

Employers hiring new part-time employees can claim 75 per cent of the above payments.

What additional payments will be provided for accredited training?

Employers that provide accredited training to new employees in any eligible category will receive an extra payment of up to $4,000.

What additional groups of employees will attract the payments?

The category of eligible employees is being expanded to include apprentices and trainees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons, disability pensioners, drought-affected farm households, refugees, social housing tenants, sole parent pensioners, youth justice clients and young persons in or exiting out of home care.

What other changes are being made?

Persons who are unemployed and seeking work for 26 weeks or more are now considered long-term unemployed workers (previously 52 weeks).

Are there any changes to the process to make a claim?

The process for making a claim for the existing category of eligible employees (i.e. young unemployed persons, long term unemployed persons, retrenched workers and out of trade apprentices) is unchanged. There will be a new process for making a claim for the expanded category of eligible employees and to claim accredited training costs.

When do the changes to the scheme commence?

The changes commence for any eligible employee (including the expanded categories of eligible employee) that commence employment with an eligible employer on or after 1 November.

Where do I get more information?

Full details of the new payment amounts, the expanded category of eligible employees and other changes will be detailed in the revised Eligibility Criteria, which have been Gazetted on 29 October 2015. Please call James Milner on 98807257 at the College for more details.

Apprenticeship Night

14th December 2015 Wine and Cheese Night 6pm – 7pm
All Welcome (At the College)

For employers & salon managers to find out more about these great changes that will help the business.
Event: 401 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, 3127