Enrolment Handbook

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Pre – Enrolment Handbook Updates April 2018   Welcome   Welcome and thank-you for choosing Marjorie Milner College. The information contained in this handbook is intended to provide an overview of the training and services provided to students when they undertake studies at the College. Marjorie Milner College is a Registered Training Organisation that specialises in Beauty Therapy, Floristry, Hairdressing and Barbering training. The College endeavours to provide the highest level of professionalism and training within these industries and is continually seeking input from industry as to current trends and techniques. The College is committed to a quality assurance approach…&nbsp

Hairdressing Apprenticeship Fees

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Hairdressing Apprenticeship Fees & Beauty Therapy Fee Scholarships AMR Hair and Beauty Scholarship 2016/2017 Marjorie Milner College is happy to announce that there are some scholarships that students can apply for. This can cover up to $1000.00 towards their training in 2017. If you are studying a hairdressing apprenticeship or Beauty Therapy you can apply. We are not sure if you study Certificate III in Barbering if you eligible but you can only ask. We have some more details from their website below. https://amr.com.au/scholarship/ The AMR, with ten years experience, strongly believe that professionals working in hair and beauty industry…&nbsp

Quality Training in VET Barbering

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Quality Training in VET    Lynne Kosky Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination by James Milner & Sarah Bond Winner of the 2012 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this display is one of Greg’s favourite.   Section A Overview It is difficult to write a short overview that will encompass a lifetime of outstanding achievements. I am nominating my father, whom I work with, for the Lynne Kosky Award as I believe he is by far one of the most outstanding VET teachers in Australia. His broad experience, ongoing passion and enthusiasm for his students and their future is very…&nbsp

The Happiest Jobs #GetCreative

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The Happiest Jobs #GetCreative Start your Creative Career with Marjorie Milner College in 2016 and #GetHappy Floristry, Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty made the list.    It is official become a florists, hairdressers, barber or beauty therapists and you probably are the happiness people in the workforce. A report published in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday confirms this.     Gardeners and florists are the happiest of all the professions and nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better paid jobs, says a new book by a UK economist and behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan. Nearly nine out of 10 florists and gardeners say they are happy, he…&nbsp

Barbering, Hairdressing & WorldSkills

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Barbering, Hairdressing & WorldSkills April Update 2016   Marjorie Milner College has already had a busy start to the year. The new Hairdressing and Barbering Training Package has been endorsed late March (SHB16). We are excited and working hard on the new barbering qualification to have it ready once the hours are released. The new SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering should be ready for delivery mid-year or maybe a touch earlier. Please visit the barbering page for more information about the new barbering course. Well done to Lani, a hairdressing apprentice from Catal Hair Concepts, who competed in the “HBIA…&nbsp

WorldSkills 2016 (Melbourne)

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WorldSkills 2016 – Melbourne   AUSTRALIA’S BEST YOUNG TRADESPEOPLE GEARING UP FOR THEIR SHOT AT GREATNESS AT AUSTRALIA’S ULTIMATE SKILLS SHOWDOWN Victoria Country’s best young tradespeople gearing up for Australia’s ultimate skills showdown   In eight short months, the next generation of apprentices, trainees and students will face the ultimate challenge as they compete against the nation’s best at the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition, Melbourne. Over 500 competitors from across the country will converge on Melbourne Showgrounds from Thursday, 6 to Saturday, 8 October for their chance to secure the coveted title of ‘National Champion’ in over 50 skill…&nbsp

Hairdressing Staff

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Looking For Hairdressing Staff? Maybe A Floristry Assistant Or A Beauty Trainee!   Marjorie Milner College, celebrating 70 years of training, specialises in apprenticeship training. We also advise the Head of the Hairdressing Department is Natalie Miller, who will be known to many of you through her years of quality hairdressing teaching. Currently, our classes are 100% hairdressing apprentices only. We want your apprentices. Transferring is easy and the incentives for new apprentices are the best they have been for employers. Victorian Hairdressing has been given an amazing opportunity provided by the State Government’s “Back to Work” scheme. Employers who…&nbsp

Apprenticeship Incentives

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Apprenticeship Incentives Changes to The Back To Work Scheme (1st November 2015)  http://www.vic.gov.au/backtowork/ 14th December 2015 Wine and Cheese Night 6pm – 7pm at the College All Welcome For employers & salon managers to find out more about these great changes, including $2500 for commencement of a full time apprentice.         The Victorian Government has boosted the Back to Work Scheme to assist Victorian job seekers and employers looking to hire new staff. This is fantastic news for those that want to employ a hairdressing apprentice, floristry apprentice or beauty therapy trainee.This is a great news for all employers in…&nbsp

How to achieve excellent customer service

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How to achieve excellent customer service in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing.    An integral part of the hairdressing and beauty industry is excellence in client service. This is achieved by providing the client with an efficient service with which they are satisfied. By achieving these standards, the client will be encouraged to return to a beauty business for future services and treatments, and may also recommend the business to others. WE ARE IN A SERVICE INDUSTRY. BY HAVING TREATMENTS IN YOUR CLINIC THE CLIENT IS PAYING FOR YOUR HOME, FOOD AND EVERYTHING YOU DO IN LIFE. SHE/HE IS SPENDING HER/HIS…&nbsp

What is Reiki

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What is Reiki? What is Reiki or Rei-ki. This is a system of manual therapy which is a passive, stationary, hands-on treatment, not requiring movement or pressure for its principal effects of relieving stress and pain and stimulating the body’s own healing processes, by enhancing the flow of life force energy through direct touch. Rei-ki is the ancient art of hands-on healing. It induces inner calm, enhances well being and enthusiasm for life, as well as renewing one’s sense of purpose. It is a simple manual art with a philosophical understanding of the human function; it is not a religion. This is the…&nbsp