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Looking For Hairdressing Staff? Maybe A Floristry Assistant Or A Beauty Trainee!   Marjorie Milner College, celebrating 70 years of training, specialises in apprenticeship training. We also advise the Head of the Hairdressing Department is Natalie Miller, who will be known to many of you through her years of quality hairdressing teaching. Currently, our classes are 100% hairdressing apprentices only. We want your apprentices. Transferring is easy and the incentives for new apprentices are the best they have been for employers. Victorian Hairdressing has been given an amazing opportunity provided by the State Government’s “Back to Work” scheme. Employers who…&nbsp

Apprenticeship Incentives

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Apprenticeship Incentives Changes to The Back To Work Scheme (1st November 2015) 14th December 2015 Wine and Cheese Night 6pm – 7pm at the College All Welcome For employers & salon managers to find out more about these great changes, including $2500 for commencement of a full time apprentice.         The Victorian Government has boosted the Back to Work Scheme to assist Victorian job seekers and employers looking to hire new staff. This is fantastic news for those that want to employ a hairdressing apprentice, floristry apprentice or beauty therapy trainee.This is a great news for all employers in…&nbsp

Davines Colour Theory Workshop

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          Davines Colour Theory Workshop   with Kathy 21st October 2015   MASK COLOR CHARACTERISTICS 101 Colours & 5 Activators Mask colour can be used as a semi permanent colour There is no need to add base to colour white hair   Contains: Hydrolyzed Milk proteins Hydrates and restructures (lactic acid, mineral salts, amino acids and oligopeptides). Vegetable lipid components compact the cuticle and enhance the shine and comb-abilty and protect hair from further UV damage. Conditioning agent. Basic cream formulation. Small colour less pigments.   Mask has been reformulated and now performs even better in…&nbsp

hairdressing sustainability

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hairdressing sustainability   Going green and being conscious about environmental issues doesn’t have to mean pedalling for power or cutting hair in the dark. Non-renewable fossil fuels (crude oil, natural gas, coal, oil shales) currently supply Australia with more than 95 percent of our energy needs. Potentially, all the equipment that you run in a hairdressing salon, beauty clinic or florist shop is powered by non-renewable fossil fuels.  Non-renewable energy is energy produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal. They are non-renewable because there are finite resources, meaning that if they are continually used, one day they will run out….&nbsp

How to promote a hairdressing Salon

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How to promote a hair salon 12 Ways to improve relationships with prospective clients.   Some simple and interesting ways of building relationships with new and prospective clients Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who got their hair cut had a tag attached to their locks that said something like, “Haircut by Vicky”? I mean, if people walk around wearing brand names on their t-shirts, why shouldn’t you get free advertising for a job well done as well? Unfortunately, even giving an amazing haircut to Taylor Swift before she graces the red carpet won’t send you any new customers. Haircuts…&nbsp

Most liveable city in the world Melbourne

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Do you know what is the most liveable city in the world Melbourne!!! Again.   MARVELLOUS Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city for the fifth year in a row. Melbourne has been the most liveable city in the world since 2011. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Ranking rated 140 cities out of 100 in the areas of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Marjorie Milner College believes that the fantastic Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing and Floristry Industry in Melbourne and Victoria contributed to this. With amazing events, for example the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Salon…&nbsp

WorldSkills 2015

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  WorldSkills 2015 Floristry Hairdressing Beauty Results   The International Worldskills 2015 was held in Anhembi Park, São Paulo, Brazil. The Worldskills 2015 Skillaroos comprises of Australia’s most dedicated and passionate young trades and skills professionals who will be competing in 26 specialised skill categories at the International Competition. Individually, every Skillaroo brings with them a specialised knowledge and distinguished skill-set to the International Competition. Two students from Marjorie Milner College received Silver and Bronze in the National WorldSkills final last year. The Winner went on to San Paulo. Australia has the following trades being represented in the International WorldSkills:   Skills with Competitors Sheet…&nbsp

Why study a Hairdressing Apprenticeship Melbourne

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Why study a Hairdressing Apprenticeship Melbourne We asked one of our hairdressing apprentices why study under a hairdressing apprenticeship. This was written for the HBIA awards and we just thought it was fantastic and we had to share it. Also the “Scumbags Down Under” Tour 2015, by The Schorem Barbers of Rotterdam, were the inspiration for Louise’s mannequin work today.  Welcome to the wonderful, wacky purple world of Louise.   My roller coaster journey in the hairdressing industry began when I was 18. If you don’t mind I would rather address all the criteria through my journey in my story…&nbsp

Government Funding Changes Hairdressing Beauty and Floristry Melbourne

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Changes to Hairdressing & Floristry Apprenticeship Funding Calling all employers who support apprenticeship training. Government Funding Changes Hairdressing Beauty and Floristry Melbourne Meeting.  The VET FUNDING REVIEW Issues Paper has called for sector consultations. If you are a hairdressing employer or floristry employer and support apprenticeship training please get involved with the review. Please have a quick read about the changes that the government is talking about through the link here. VET FUNDING REVIEW PDF. Marjorie Milner College is hopeful that employers will attend the Tuesday meeting and voice their opinion about the negative impact the January 1st 2015 Fairwork…&nbsp

MMC @ Melbourne Careers Expo

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What do you want to do? Melbourne Careers Expo 2015. The Melbourne Careers Expo was on last weekend and Marjorie Milner College spoke with hundreds of students that were interested in the creative industries. Marjorie Milner College had stand 276 in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The Melbourne based three day event was well attended with over 20,000 people coming through the doors. This year Melbourne Make-Up courses were of particular interest. Our Melbourne based Beauty Therapy courses, that are not delivered on-line, were the focus of most students. The Floristry Department was on stage on the Friday during the Melbourne…&nbsp