Hairdressing Apprenticeship Fees

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Hairdressing Apprenticeship Fees & Beauty Therapy Fee Scholarships AMR Hair and Beauty Scholarship 2016/2017 Marjorie Milner College is happy to announce that there are some scholarships that students can apply for. This can cover up to $1000.00 towards their training in 2017. If you are studying a hairdressing apprenticeship or Beauty Therapy you can apply. We are not sure if you study Certificate III in Barbering if you eligible but you can only ask. We have some more details from their website below. The AMR, with ten years experience, strongly believe that professionals working in hair and beauty industry…&nbsp

hairdressing sustainability

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hairdressing sustainability   Going green and being conscious about environmental issues doesn’t have to mean pedalling for power or cutting hair in the dark. Non-renewable fossil fuels (crude oil, natural gas, coal, oil shales) currently supply Australia with more than 95 percent of our energy needs. Potentially, all the equipment that you run in a hairdressing salon, beauty clinic or florist shop is powered by non-renewable fossil fuels.  Non-renewable energy is energy produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal. They are non-renewable because there are finite resources, meaning that if they are continually used, one day they will run out….&nbsp