Making Change in the New Year Easy – 5 Foundations to Better Your Start to your Hairdressing, Barbering and Floristry Career this New Year


As the day dawns on another New Year we find ourselves pondering what’s next? and making those good ol’ New Year’s Resolutions. 

It is at this time of year that we more easily find ourselves contemplating what it is that we would ideally like to achieve in the months to follow.

2020 may be a new decade but it doesn’t mean that the positive changes you wish to make can’t start at any time, on any day of any year.

That’s right!, we are here to remind you that you can make those amazingly positive changes to your life ANY day, today even!

You can at any moment simply decide to do better, be better and trigger your transformation. Whether it be a New Year’s resolution or New Year’s revolution, every next moment is a chance to do whatever it is that inspires you.

It doesn’t take much but it does take a mindful approach to what really gets you going. What it is that you truly want to do with all of you ‘next’ moments.

MMCollege fosters the belief that anyone can do anything as long as they themselves foster their own unique desires and invest their energies in working towards success. This doesn’t mean it will be easy but it most certainly will be easier if your investment is in you.

Succeeding requires commitment and a positive mindset. It is critical for you to build those lasting foundations that will form the building blocks and the strength of character that will be pivotal throughout your life and career.  


In light of those critical foundations we are letting you in on 5 key elements to succeeding in your education or any endeavor you may set your mind to.

We hope that these insights will positively influence all of our student cohort and encourage those that are yet to join us into positive action.

1- You must set your intention.  

This means you have to partake in self- reflection. Ask yourself what it is that you want, what does life look like for you if you were to study HairdressingBarbering or Floristry with us, for example.  

Self-reflect at least so much as is necessary to support you in making an informed, committed and positive decision. Your intention will then form organically and come from a place that you can revisit if or when your resolve gets shaky. Or when you simply need a reminder of the path you are on and why.

You could think of your intention as the pave maker in your life, the influencer in your decisions and the mindset that encourages you to continue on.

You will succeed if your intention is to do so.

2- Research.

Sink your teeth into finding out everything you can about the ‘course’ you’re wanting to take.  Again spend time asking questions and learning all about , everything. An informed choice and a decision based on detailed knowledge will best support you in your short, medium and long term goals.

Generally people are willing to help you.

Here at MMCollege we encourage anyone to approach us and gain that valuable information. We invest in you so supporting you in making the best choice for your life is our goal as much as it is yours.  

3- Ask again!

You’ve done your research and think you have all the information you need. Nine times out of ten there is always more information to be had.

This may seem like a pointless task however it will provide you the opportunity to ‘cut’ hairdressing courses to the chase, ‘style’ barbering courses your best future or ‘design’ floristry courses your life. All of which require the most relevant knowledge because as we know, they are big decisions.

So how do we get this all important information? It simply means getting in touch with the right people.

For instance if you want to know the ins and outs of our courses, the real juicy stuff or perhaps the fine print that is equally important, than you need to speak to James our expert Student Services Manager.

As previously mentioned, we are here for you and make a point of being an approachable educational organisation that has your best interests at heart.

4- Breathe and Leap.

You have all the information you need and you’re rearing to go.

This is the point you either turn away, procrastinate and shy away from your well-intended dreams or you, don’t. You face in the direction you want to go and you jump right in.

With enthusiasm and a positive intention set you should now enrol and take that ever daunting yet ever important step towards making something happen. Taking action and putting your future in the ONLY hands that matter, your own.

So what’s next?

5- Show up, Enioy the ride.

Now it wouldn’t be much of a dream if he didn’t bring you joy and happiness, would it?.

It goes without saying that our dreams and inspirations are generally made up of pleasant things rather than fearful gloomy things. However, to deny that your journey won’t involve pitfalls, U-turns and bumps would be dangerously naive.

It’s time, time to open to it all. You establish a new intention and personal commitment to ride the waves when they hit and surrender to the calm when it occurs. 

This is when you commit to doing all you can to continue striving for what you want to achieve. That includes using all the resources made available to you.

One major contributor would be MMCollege.

We are not simply here to train you in skills necessary to be successful in your chosen industry. We are here to ensure you do it brilliantly!

That means ensuring we provide a holistic approach to your learning. We, like you have set an intention to show up for it all.  The good, bad and the ugly as they say. 

With these mindful approaches to your education with us you’re sure to begin on the path to enormous personal and professional success.